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Phenobartibal is part of a class of drugs known as barbiturates, which act as central nervous system (CNS) depressants. Phenobarbital is a sedative and a hypnotic. It is also the oldest anticonvulsant medicine.

Why is this drug prescribed?
Phenobarbital is used:

Warnings and Precautions
Patients may develop tolerance to phenobarbital and dosage may need to be increased occsionally to compensate, as determined by a physician.

Patients may become dependent on phenobarbital if it is used long-term. Abruptly stopping phenobarbital may cause serious withdrawal symptoms including nightmares, forgetfulness, irritability, weight loss, and convulsions.

Phenobarbital may impair a patient’s ability to drive or operate machinery safely.

For Pregnant or Nursing Mothers: Phenobarbital use is discouraged during pregnancy, especially the first trimester. Newborns whose mothers took phenobartibal during the last three months of pregnancy may experience withdrawal symptoms of irritability and vomiting. Phenobarbital passes into breast milk and may cause drowsiness, poor feeding, or a rash in the baby. Phenobarbital is not recommended while breastfeeding.

Phenobarbital should Not be used for people with the following medical conditions:

Phenobarbital may be used with caution in people with the following conditions:

Adverse Reactions
Phenobarbital may cause the following reactions:

Interactions with Drugs and Other Substances
Drugs or substances that may interact with Phenobarbital include:


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